I am serious! If our cars are not accelerating without our permission, they are turning in directions we didn’t tell them – ahuh another one…. GM (who is still not even in my good books yet) is recalling some cars with faulty power steering. I am having a “pot calling the kettle black” moment right now. Was it not the Americans who gave Toyoda (practically the Japanese) hell for faulty cars? Well… what about those GM guys? I shall be watching things very closely.
Then there are the natural disasters that are going on in the world one after the other. The biggest freeze in Europe since the great depression… The worst Earthquake in Haiti, Another Earthquake in Chile… I almost don’t want to say it, but I think that the Japanese need to also be a little alarmed since they are also in a “hot spot” and be on Tsunami watch. It seems like they cannot seem to catch a break, not so? The Recession hits them the hardest (well next to Iceland ofcourse), and now they have to deal with nature too…
The world is ending… I am telling you!
On the other side of things, AIG has agreed to sell its Asian arm to the British… Wonder how that will work out in the long term, and then speaking of the British. Can you believe that they still want to get their money back, from practically home less Iceland, which is still trying to figure out if they want to be part of the EU or not… Ah the life. How does the Hakka go again? “it is the life, it is the life… It is the death , it is the death”? Don’t any Kiwis kill me, I am trying to remember this from Primary School.
I love the British and their bi-polar pound. The sterling has slumped to it’s nine-month low against the (wow) US Dollar, because some people were fearing an indecisive election. Wtf? I know right? I thought it was already decided that Mr. Brown would not be re-elected?! Ugh what do I know, I am only in the vaccum that is sometimes known as Cuba, what do I care about world politics?
If this is your first time being here… You are going to experience lots of unfounded ramblings about practically everything yet nothing at all.. I am the Lil Wayne of the journalistic world. And this here blog is my A Milli. A song about everything… yet nothing at all.


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