Oh that? That’s Nothing

Dubai’s gone broke… Okay not really:
In an exclusive interview with FRANCE 24, Lord Adair Turner, Chairman of the UK Financial Services Authority (the UK market regulator) said the debt crisis in Dubai is “a normal adjustment process… and expected”.

Lord Adair Turner, the Chairman of the Financial Services Authority (UK market regulator), has spoken out about the debt crisis in Dubai, pointing out that the current situation was in fact expected. Turner said that it has been “known for sometime that there would have to be some processes of restructuring of debt.”
Turner did submit that the communication surrounding the crisis was “unfortunate.” In the interview he argues the events over the past week “are not telling us anything new.”

The interview aired on Monday night… But as should be known by now I am not neccesarily in the “loop”…
In other news… I have been exceptionally pensive about my going back home… I need to go to a few interviews and to be honest, I am not sure if I have to correct attire. You see: I spent most of my time concentrating on getting together the best Campus Appropriate clothes, and neglected completely my professional life. Whence now, I am in concensus with my parent (which is difficult to do), that I need to go shopping! I know the gladiator platforms are little on the wishfull side, but how does one walk in heels and not look like they are on the prowl for unsuspecting victims?
I do not want to bore you with anymore talk… So why don’t you check out the image set that I made, and decide for yourself.

In other news, according to “Mika” (check mah blogroll), Yvonne Chaka Chaka and Will.I.AM are in the studio as we speak recording a song… Wonder how that is going to turn out. meh. Hopefully not like the time Lebo Mathosa and Keith Sweat hooked up. It’s really annoying when these Americans come to South Africa (for a motherland moment), and want special treatment. Like Wayne Brady.. Remember him: Who’s Line is it Anyways, cerca 90’s? Well he was all diva-ish in Cape Town, only to find that here in the states, he presents something like Wheel of Fortune or The Price is Right!!!
Shocker….. Speaking of SA Crossovers. I was watching the Academy Awards all of last night, and having to say: “Like what tha fuhk?” everytime District 9 lost out to Avatar. But then: “It is a movie that took 10 years to make”, and so I chilled out, and thought about the honour of even being nominated and all that. Speaking of the Academy Awards. I feel that Sandra Bullock deserved to finally win, considering how long home girl has been in the game. Meryl and Helen (Mirren) have their awards, but Sandra Bullock had yet to have a defining moment, and she finally got it. As for G Sedibe not getting it, well I do not think that it’s too bad. If she truly has talent, it should not be long till we see her being nominated again. It would have been a scandal for her to win, and not have slogged it out nearly as much as her contemporaries.


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