I have learned many lessons in my, albeit not yet long enough, life. But none as important as this: Who the hell watches TV Guide for Oscar Night Fashion? Unless I am wrong, but the dress that Cameron Diaz was wearing was not Oscar de la Renta, but was instead Armani Prive. Oh no waite! She really was in Oscar de la Renta! I can notice that man’s work from a million galaxies away. oooh looks like a fashionista needs to do their homework…tsk tsk tsk… *am not pretend like you even have these stores in Cuba* moving on…
Speaking of cuba: This is what I got verbatim from France24:
“In a bid to allow freer speech and access to information, the US Treasury has eased sanctions on Cuba, Iran and Sudan, allowing exports of services related to Web browsing, blogging, email, instant messaging, social networking and file-sharing. ”
Does that mean that I am sooner to realizing my dream of a shopping mecca here? eh… not a chance bob!


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