Jozi Entertainment and nightly espacades

Let’s start with the fun shall we? Well.. Apparently: French Vogue’s editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld asked Balenciaga for coat samples (or something of the other) for an editorial shoot. Y que despues, somehow the design landed in the clutches of Max Mara’s design studios, where they subsequently copied it, and then unashamedly sent it back to Paris. The thing is when asked why French Vogue was blacklisted, Miss Roitfeld quickly said: “Ask them (Balenciaga).” So that in my books, can only mean that she was not directly involved in the happenings. Some wonderful people at even conspire that it was because Marie-Amelie Sauvé was fired from French Vogue last year. If you don’t know who that is, google the name. No tengo espacio aqui!

Speaking of Vogue. The CW needs to learn to advertise better, because the only reason I watched America’s Next Top Model last night, was because I thought that Andre Leon Talley was going to be one of the judges from then on. I didn’t want to see fame-drag-whore Perez Hilton with a bad haircut (as usual), and the usual suspects. No more ANTM for me. I am over it! I don’t care if they have 3 plus size girls. That ish was messed up. Before my disappointment however I managed to enjoy a full hour of Ugly Betty. Yes, as it would turn out… It was all Betty’s fault that the house burned down. She was using a curling iron, and didn’t turn it off. Justin also admitted that he doesn’t want to come out of the closet. Well.. not verbatim ofcourse. He likes someone named…. waite for it… “Lily”!!!! Now I have never been one to profile (well on a daily basis), but is that not a female name? Maybe they could be a performing student drag queen? I wish. Then there was a cute Lady Gaga moment, where justin was acting out Bad Romance. Cute! Speaking of Gaga: Can I just add to the noise that wants to see that Telephone music video ALREADY!!

I have HTF moments, everytime I have to look at SA “fashion blogs” and forums. As in How the Fishy do they manage to land all of those jobs?? I know that I didn go to fashion skool, but a sista’s been up in this game since she was 13… How much more do I have to do, to get seen in this business? Okay. I have the answer to that, but I am just not prepared to do it. No sir! I guess I shall have to do my hustling old school. Network. network…network. This is not just a random ramble; it is in connection with the fact that Bonang Matheba has come into this media biz with her game face on. She launched her website, and threw a launch party. She tweets constantly AND she has a handbag line called: Baby Starz or Star Baby (something like that). She is seriously trying to go hard! This just makes me feel a little worse that I am not able to upload pictures of my fabulous escapes, because my digital camera broke. Mind you, I really loved that thing. I am gonna get a new one once I convince myself to check out the the scene in Miami, and not just fly-in transfer to another plane and get the hell outta there.

FINALMENTE: Otras historias, es de que I didn’t get to see Society, BUT I heard it was some serious drama. Lois losing Themba (or Mandla. some Zulu name), Akuya getting her kissy face on. Inno’s wig getting baptized, and finally: Manaka Ranaka killing it (the comedy), while giving Beth Karate lessons. Apparently the part where Lois loses her husband (he’s all: “get away from me”, and she is all: grabbing onto his leg and crawling on the floor), is a little bit similar to Diary of a Mad Black Woman. I wonder how bad things are getting for us to always be copying someone else. Not cool. But some people say that they didn’t actually notice that (because they were so into the scene), which is a great thing, yes? Overall: I seriously have the sads, because I never get to see it.

Image Source: Sista Girl Friend


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