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Today’s post shall be exceptionally, extraordinarily picture bountiful, but that is not to say non-wordy. Anyone who’s in the know, will talk about my loquaciousness (i was just trying to be bombastic. I dont know how to spell that word).

Tho Ungaro fired Lilo- Alright (she isn’t working with them. No one said she was fired), their designs are getting better, but might I add that they are not fitting of a fashion house? They seem a little Miss Sixty meets TopShop cerca 2005. Remember the flowy, deconstructed chiffon dresses? (I especially mulled over the white ones. Oh to be young)…
It was 1980s enspired I gather, but not the eighties that most people would want to see [stereotypical], I personally have no recollection of that era, because I was not even an embryo, BUT if I was… I would probably be more emotional about the mediocrity. It feels too much like when SA designers say that they are doing “couture” its awful to look at, and you wish that they would put more work into it. You just wish that: With the right fabric and more time… They actually had something good going. *sigh

Speaking of TopShop. They are apparently releasing a Beauty line. And According to FashionSpot, it is actually not the first time that they release. It is actually a re-release. Something tells me that they held back from releasing sooner, due to the enraging resession?

Talking about recession, you guys remember the JerseyShore house? Yes Jersey Shore… Snooki, The Situation, Pauly D, J Wow… and I don’t remember the rest of them. [If you are wondering how recession and Jersey Shore even cross boards, try remembering the fact that it was the volatile real estate market in the united states that ushered in the recession? try.. So real estate-recession… Are you following? Okay] Well: Palm Hotels and Resorts, the owners of the house are making people pay $2,500 a night to stay there… So if anyone out there wants to sleep where Snooki slept, and won’t be sleeping there again, yeah they are moving to Miami, you know where to look. The suprizing factor for me, is not that they are getting their 15 minutes of fame, but rather: I read this article in The New York Times fashion section. What The Fishy right? Like since when is JerseyShore even considered fashion. This is definately not a fist pump moment.

“The Cuban weather has made a fool out of me for the last time!”,she declared, while stripping herself of the many layers that made up her Friday outfit, and dumping them in the back of the car. I pretty much resemble the ladies in the Chanel Fall/Winter Show in Paris. Not in a sense that I am surrounded by the melting waters of an Iceberg- which might I add, was flown in from wonderful Scandinavia (said with deep french accent: “Karl…Karl..Karl”), but rather that GLOBAL WARMING, pero not theoretically proven, yo vea lo. I am not going to go on another rant about Chile’s devastation. I mean really… Rather I am going to talk about Chanel using faux fur. Go them right? Being all PETA… Wrong! The only reason that Largerfeld gave was that he did not want to compete with his contemporaries who are already fluent in the language of fur, when Chanel never really was about all that ‘Lux’ I guess… The show was rather uggly, but I do say that, the tweed-fur and accesorization is ta-die…ta-die! The jewellry was statement rough, and stacked. Layers of crystal necklaces and yes.. Chunky rings.

Upon really close inspection. I actually love the detail on that dress. Now South Africa: THIS IS COUTURE!! I wish you had Sundance so you could see exactly how much work goes into every single dress. Its marvelous!
Nothing further…

This is a little on the random side, but I cannot remember the last time that I saw a Cartier add. I feel so… Empty.

Currently mulling over: Chinese Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue
Call me weird, but they are sooo not advertising cosmetics here. Check that ring out! It is JEFE!!!
Check out the big picture aqui

Image Sources:
New York Times
Jacques Brinon/Associated Press


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