Marie Claire April 2010. TIRED. Spring Break. Euro Stabilizes

M-kay so in the big news today:

The euro stabilized in markets on news of a European bailout for Greece. The historic deal shares eurozone loans with IMF funding and rewrote the rules to aid other troubled eurozone countries including Portugal, Spain and Ireland.

Of-course I have this on very good accord, thanks to FRANCE24 online.
Moving on to more light-hearted stuff… Heidi Klum is on the cover of Marie Claire, and I must say that Fashion Magz tend to bore me right now. I don’t know… There is nothing interesting about them… And I seem to have moved from the staples, to more Artzy stuff (even though sometimes, I cannot read them), i.e. Madame Figaro (you see, I am learning spanish, but this wonderful magazine is in French. I may comprehend a little, but sometimes, I just shoot blanks), and Dazed&Confused. I love it. Its like London. Messy, BUT neat at the same time. I love it!
Here they are:

Police have arrested the King Of Heroin in Mexico, his name is Jose Antonio Medina, and this is just going to show you exactly what happens when a government decides to wage war on a plague. I saw the movie Blow, I know how the story is going to go for this bloke. He is just about to hate his life, and so it should be… If you watch shows like “Addicted” or “Intervention”, one should know just how much narcotics affect people’s lives. These drug lords are just as guilty as murderers…

In ouchie facts about what is going to happen if people do not do something about that flailing industry called print media:

Russian tycoon Alexander Lebedev, a former KGB spy turned media mogul, has paid one pound (1.1 euros) to acquire leading British newspaper, the Independent. The sale highlights the effect of dwindling advertisement revenue on print media

I don’t even know what to say about that… Excerpt for the fact that Mail&Gaurdian needs to watch itself… I am coming to getcha! Speaking of moguls: I got my daily fix of “High Society”, and I must say… Its becoming a little bit Gossip Girly… UNREAL! But: I have to commend the fact that it is something I have never seen on my telly, and that means a lot to me. A lot. I should rename this place to “The Passive Musings of a Couch Potatoe”, because it seems that all I seem to do is watch TV, read the news and political/ financial journals, and write commentary.
Speaking of Commentary… The City is coming back on soon: MEGA YAY!!! Whitney is going through the motions of finally launching her clothing line, and ofcourse there is more of Olivia being a fabulous cow… I love her. If only I could sabotage people just as she does, and then turn around and have the nerve to say “the way they treat me is unacceptable”,(still more shocking is how Joe Zee handles himself under those circumstances, how much are Olivia’s parents paying him I wonder, because he acts like someone whos gonads are caught in a very tough space.meh.) I would be a very happy camper. But my conscience won’t let me do that. So alas, like in all other matters, I shall observe from the sidelines.
Hey… Let me watch myself! This is suppose to first a foremost be a fashion blog, but it seems to be an everything in between, BUT fashion blog. I need to cut down on the wordly stuff and get back to my roots. So I will have my radar on… and a one, two, three, four… In FASHION NEWS:

Last month, rumors circulated that Permira, the London-based private equity firm that owns Proenza Schouler, was shopping the US-based brand around. The modern workwear company is a part of Link Theory Holdings, which also includes brands like Helmut Lang. Link Theory Holdings is in turn owned by Fast Retailing, a Japanese conglomerate whose biggest retailer is Uniqlo.

According to the sources of, the designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez met with Andrew Rosen, CEO of Theory, but the details of exactly what was discussed is still an enigma…
AND… AND… Shoe designer Michael Lewis (who has made shoes for the likes of Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton, amongst others), has been hired by Tom Ford (who actually happened to work with him BEFORE at Gucci), is this a marriage made in Heaven? This British shoe designer is craft indeed, especially in ready-to-wear. Me hopes that all goes profitably. AND speaking of Tom Ford he also apparently hired Caroline Tixier, a women’s ready-to-wear designer at Givenchy to also work on his womenswear design team. Very busy, aren’t we Mr. Ford? More, you ask? Well word is that he also hired Pablo Coppola, an accessories designer at Alexander McQueen… Oh to be young.

And with that: I do bid thee farewell.. And in my attempt to keep up the spanish that is threatening to leave me once again, I do say: iQue Tenga buen dia, y BUEN FIN DE SEMANA tambien! Have a good one, and may the wonderful media biz bless us with even more scandal and more news.


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