Imagine my Suprize, nay shock… Well I saw NYLON mag? Katy Perry! I love her carefree crazy style. I shall be reading it, and it would serve you well to do the same, BUT for your enticement… Here are the first (3) pages:

Me, as a deranged lunatic, being hounded by the media: Ungaro is not for sale you here me? Back off! Back off all of you!
Journalist, holding Microphone out: So… The New York Post was wrong?
Me: well…

When asked whether Ungaro is for sale, the owner Asim Abdullah says: The company is not for sale. We are not entertaining any conversations with anyone about the sale of the company.” The brand recently terminated its lease on its Madison Avenue store in New York, trading for a smaller boutique to open next month. Abdullah acknowledged that his goal is to make the brand “sustainable” by 2011.

<< I barely care… I really do not. The only time that I care is when the brand itself begins to be jeapordized and till that happens, they can sell to Indians, a la Escada, for all I care.

About 3 days ago (well… I was busy) Doc’ Martens celebrated their 50th anniversary. “Victoria will be no secret at the end of the day, its your anniversary”….. Ahuh… WAY!!! For those of you (like me) who only became aware of their existance, let alone their popularity, in the 90’s , but couldn’t get a pair, because your mothers were constantly telling you that they were hooligan shoes (along with Chuck Taylors), now is your chance to live out your childhood dreams… LIVE! I shall wear them, practically the same way as was done in the ninetees.. I just want to pay homage.
There aren’t really any flagship stores in South Africa, but if shopping online is your forte (sooo not happening), then you can head on over to to get you some…

Speaking of flagship stores: I learned about Takashimaya in Singapore… Oh how heavenly it was. One of the best places (next to Paragon) to get kickass designer duds. But unfortunately due to people’s weariness of buying lesser known brands in the United States, their flagship store in New York city is closing down. *sigh* from a fan… I bid thee farewell….

I abhor ending on a sad note, but Suicide Bombers have blasted a bomb in Moscow, and Athens (Greece), pero no hay mas informacion sobre eso tema todavia.

According to

President Dmitry Medvedev declared Russia would act “without compromise” after female suicide bombers ripped through two of Moscow’s central metro stations during Monday morning rush hour, killing at least 38 people and wounding dozens.

I sure hope so… I hate any act of terrorism in any form/ mode. May they please act swiftly to ensure that nothing of this monstrous level EVER happens again.

Gosh… I dont really want to say it, but for those of you fortunate enough to not have been hurt: Que tenga buen dia, y ustedes mejoren…
This JUST IN: I live on other peoples telling me what goes on, in Society (my fave local drama), since I cannot watch it. Damn, Lois is stealing drugs… This stuff has gone from Diary of A Mad Black Woman to Nurse Jackie, all in one season?? I love it a like a Mexican TeleNovela!!!


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