Bathe An Ape Too!

Want to make it big in the fashion industry? People all think that starting your own fashion label is glam, fun and them some…
<< Yes there are the fairtales, but then there are also the failures. Most people who graduate fashion school find themselves at a bid of a cross roads. To start own label, or to go work at a fashion house?
I think that the most successful designers have actually taken the latter direction. Marc Jacobs. Karl Lagerfeld… There is a list of designers who worked for HUGE fashion houses before going on their own.
Business of fashion says that every designer needs to ask themselves the following questions so as to make the right decision:
The first thing to think about is “Do I really want to run a business?”
Next, you should ask: “Do I already have or can I find the necessary skills, contacts and funding to create a successful fashion company?”
Lastly, you should ask yourself: “Do I have something unique to offer the market?”

You are probably thinking that I must be one of the most random people on the face of the earth, but I swear that I am not… I got to thinking about this after I saw old pictures of Diamond Face "Kha-Chore" fashion shows… and I was like? How the hell did she manage to get these poor young things to waste their talents on such a stupid name, let alone an even worse fashion house? Anywho. Uyanda Mbuli, I cannot match your hustle!

For more information about How to make it in America, 😀 setting up your own label, why dont you head on over to The Business of Fashion?


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