Now you know!

According to Mika Stefano. Bonang and Euphonik are engaged?! Oh… well.. Um thats actually not even it. This is strictly about fashion. Head of over to Stefano’s about that gig!

Zanele Khumalo has been appointed as the new Beauty Editor of Marie Claire South Africa. Fellow readers, by now you should know that I am an avid reader of all things glossy.
BEFORE you can start complaining about what a lame mag Marie Claire is, it must be noted that of all things, Marie Claire is the leader in Beauty in all of South Africa. So in essence, its like her working for (what used to be) Allure magazine. Its that huge of a deal!

Zanele actually is exeptionally experienced in all things publishing. She has worked at Top Billing Magazine, Oprah’s O Magazine, Elle, and uuh.. Sunday Times just to name a few of our publishing giants. Me hopes that she can keep the standard EXACTLY where it currently is.

And in other Magazine news: Zoe Saldana is on the cover of Nylon Magazine’s April Issue! HOW EXCITNG!!! I will be sure to give “ya’ll” and even bigger review once I have read the mag. TOMOROW! and I just want to give an excpetionally huge shout out to all my Facebook readers. If you read the blog: COMMENT! I wanna know how and what you think despues reading all these ramblings by me. It does no good to email me, when you could just comment right here!

Ad I am Loving: Beyonce’s Dereon
found in NYLON Magazine!

Post Over… Que tenga buen dia!


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