With Just Peaches?

Now I know why Peaches Geldof writes for Nylon Magazine. She is actually quiet brave.
Don tell anyone this, but anyone who can endure scoffs, and crude attitude from the rest of the world deserves their own column in a mag too!
I know that the “aww”, gasps, and stares from people make me feel good, but Peaches takes Make up Experimentation to a whole nuther level.
The story? Well.. Peaches put it upon herself to try many make up techniques that she had observed during fashion week, to see if any of the runway looks could be “pulled off” sartorially. Let’s just say the results went interesestingly…
I love taking older people down memory lane, but to have children yell: “Goths suck!” at me in the subway is just too much… I like when she says:

I’m going back to my usual style. It’s sticking to what suits you best that makes you iconic, not hiding behind a mask.

No, I am not an employee, but that is besides the point. Speaking about makeup, Lady Gaga and Cindy Lauper did a photoshoot for MAC cosmetics, which I also found inside my trusty Nylon Mag…

I simply cannot show anymore pictures of that Mag, lest I be sued… SO go get your copy now! And if you are in the middle of nowhere like me SHIP IT!

What goes on behind the scenes inside some of the best magazines? I don’t know too much, but I do say: Why don’t we go forth and consult with yet another documentary?

I must agree with the writer on Fashionologie when she says that it seems as though more and more people are receiving fashion documentaries… Whats up with that trend? Despues: Valentino, Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, and ofcourse Coco Chanel – Polly Mellen (who worked as a Fashion Editor at Vogue, for 28 years! and a Creative director at Allure for 8 years) will be getting one too…
Psst psst: Joe Zee (yes that guy from The City) revealed that he was being interviewed this week for a “forthcoming” documentary on Mellen. Hallelujah! I don’t actually mind. The more I get an insiders view on this wonderful, consumer driven industry, the more it re-affirms my convictions.

On to Local Media Topics:
ON THE RADIO: YFM’s DJ line up you ask? Well… Mika Stefano [ Who I can guess is a really good source] had a very good hunch on what the new DJs would look like – well who they would be. Forgive me but I am a young person, yes- but I am not a regular listener of YFM. Honest to G. I would always be listening to either five or Good Hope FM, when I was home. Call me white washed if you will… BUT: I think all that is about to change. Who is this DJ (Warrick) Warras? My goodness…
There was a photoshoot to usher in all the new DJs, and let me just point out, that for some really strange reason, all the Female DJs (well except for one, and you know who it is) have really fat legs. whatsup with that? The steam iron was missing.. and the photoshop was not installed. These are so not ready to be viewed by the public…
Case Studies, Number 1 +2:
Motso and Mac G.

Mac Geez suit needed to be tailored to fit him. I like the cut and the silhouette is actually extremely youthful, BUT for crying out loud those creases are driving me stark, raving mad AND its just too lose. I wear my skinny jeans lose. That’s my trademark. Lose in some places, and tight in others. THAT does not work for everything.
Word to the stylist: (if there even was one) please do something? I demand a re-shoot!

Now, just picking up from the SA clothing tip, I have to say that whenever I look at photographs from SA Fashion Week, apart from the usual suspects (Darkie, Black Coffee), I usually want to pluck my eyes out. The clothes are dreadful.. Afro-Cheesy. AHH you get the point. BUT I have made it a mission of mine to celebrate local designers. Find atleast one piece that is wearable and rant about it. Today’s victim? Mantsho.

I do not have much to talk about, BUT I do say that when forced to find atleast one thing, this dress is not to dreadful. It’s the opposite of laughing cow cheese. It’s Dreadfully Delightful. So khudos to you for making atleast one wearable piece of garmentry. Is it haute? Nope! Is it close to being haute? Nope! Do I like it? Yes…
Nothing further… Que tenga buen dia!


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