The End of the Ugly Betty saga…

All I need is you in my life forever/ all I need is you everyday by my side/ Got to let you know, you’re the one that I treasure/ I could search for a world I’ll never find… So the song goes. It was by the first Australian Idol (yes, the “dude with the ‘fro”) I wonder whatever happened to him. Anyone out there know?
For those who can still spare some change time *sorry. I say those words so often, they are ingrained in my vocab, spare always comes before change. I digress. If you are still watching Ugly Betty, I am sure that just like me, you are sad to see the whole story come full circle. Betty’s got her make-over (which you probably would have seen coming in Season 1, but they really upped the ante by delaying it), and is in London.

This picture was taken at Piccadilly Circus. Well! I DO SAY! I think she might have accepted the job offer then. You know..

A New Yorker for young people… IN LONDON.

Speaking of people that are doing things that make them happy (that’s what this week is all about), I have been making some pretty sketchy sketches of trends that I think are fierce, but might only be observed by the brava LEATHER SHORTS! Anyone who I have bumped into will tell you that I like many love myself a nice pair of shorts, and all materials are my playground. Tweet, Cotton, Satin/ Silk, but I have never tried leather (or pleather) this will be a most interesting adventure for me. You like mah-drawing?

Well.. Since the critiques are asking for it, I shall try to be a little more “original” and not look so much at what other people have. 😀 Yes its hard. Specially when there is so much news out there. So much. Note to self. I am also no longer going by my pseudonym “Beaded Silver Spoon” cuz I have outgrown it its too damn long.

Today has been yet another sponsored by: “If only my internet connection was faster, and I was somewhere else”, or known as The Blues. No matter what, I have to fight them. It’s hard not to feel sad when one is so far away from home, but I shall fight the blues. FIGHT ‘EM!
Well. I hope that you can accomplish more with your day, and with that, que tenga buen dia! And since we are on Friday, que tenga un buen fin de semana tambien.


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