Roots and African Prints

So I have been thinking… Why is it that all I seem to do is talk about Fashion. Why? Well ofcourse I love the “stuff”, but my whole world does not just revolve around it. In-fact, yesterday, the main thing that was in the news in South Africa, (Yes Malema and his beefs with the media), made me really consider just how the media portrays my darling country.

I was reading The Economist, and I could have sworn that I had read this article before in the opinion section of The Pretoria News. More talk about how Black Economic Empowerment [BEE] has completely failed, by enriching a few well connected black people, and instilling a sense of entitlement, and lack of motivation in all black children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Now. I have seen the bi-products of BEE. Not all are the same. You do find the self motivated ones who even though are well connected, would much rather go and make something on their own. Then there are bums that laze around and want to be DJs. Its not all just black and white. Every country has an elite that no matter what financial storm occurs, manages to weather it all very well. BUT I think the critisism was on way more than on BEE itself. The writer was actually advocating a far more stronger implementation, in a sense that they were complaining that MORE needed to be done because the majority of the country’s population (black) was not getting enough high positions. Sure they are on boards as directors (most of the time, you will find one person as a director on more than 5 companies), but at grassroots level, there are hardly any black managers.
There was a stat on how all South African Universities have 46% white graduates, and of those graduates ONLY 1% are unemployed. With an unemployment rate of 24% (in December), that speaks volumes to just how much work still needs to be done in the country.
So what was the purpose of this post? Well… It is actually a lamentation. I would have expected for The Economist to have been on the ball with their article. This is something that with a little introspection, all South African newspapers have managed to conclude 2 years ago, and much is being done to correct and better implement this policy (which might I add has changed MANY people’s lives). With the World Cup looming… This is hardly a time to be negative about such a promising country.

Speaking of promise. I have to say that I was exceptionally disappointed that the main trend on the runway was African prints, and more and more I saw a bevy of blonds… There were hardly any African models paying homage to “Out of Africa”. I wondered if there was any designer who was gutsy enough to do a show with JUST African models, and alas, None were ready. That’s fine. I know how the modelling business goes…
But then! I saw this magazine shoot and I though: FINALLY VINDICATED. Doesn’t it just look so much more interesting on an African model? Please don’t get me wrong. I dont’ think that fashion and politics should really mix too much, but if you can have a fashion show on strawberry milkshakes and not have a single pink outfit, wouldn’t that be strange? I am just asking for a little more integration here people…. Khudos to Zaria Magazine!

I started feeling so good inside, when I saw this picture of solange Knowles and her son Julez. I know that the world is crazy about Beyonce and Jay Z, but I have to say that I like the quiet complacent life that Solange has given herself. She is not actually for that drama at all. I saw one of her concerts of Fuse, and she interacts with her audience, has no outfit changes, and sings with a proper band! How often do you get that? She may not be the most liked Knowles sister, and people might think that she is riding Beyonce’s wave, but she is a good mother (from what I can see), and I pretty much like her more than her sister. She has an understated complexity.

*Raises fist in the air. Its a long post, I understand, que tenga buen dia, and wish me luck, as I hope to eventually get used to having this new wisdom tooth that canes. Chao!


One thought on “Roots and African Prints

  1. Hey, I just discovered your blog. I only read this piece, and I like it already.

    Anyways, I have always been seen or perceived as some kind of a weirdo when I say I love Solange more than B’…

    I like her music, and I like her style too. Also, I think she is a good mother, as well.

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