Takashimaya’s Net Slumps 34%, and more investments

TOKYO—Takashimaya Co. said Friday that revenue and profit for the year ended Feb. 28 showed steep declines as consumer worries about income and employment hurt the Japanese department store operator’s sales.

This is why the fashion biz is so ruthless… Actually, Japan’s whole retail industry has yet to recover. Meanwhile, I am here trying to stay recession free.

For all those just looking to “invest” in the world of Fashion, then I’ll have you know that the stock of my-wardrobe.com is becoming more and more expensive, so get in there while the going is gettable! m-wardrobe.com is the only one of it’s kind, and most people might not even know of it. Well… Its something like net-a-porter.com and asos.com. ONLY Its not as cheap as asos, but not as expensive as net a porter. It is a little something in-between.

It’s been a busy few months for my-wardrobe’s CEO Sarah Curran, who has also just brought in a new Chairman, Jean-Marc Bouhelier and concluded a first-ever shop-in-shop concession deal with BCBC Max Azria

The stock price is due to rise exponentially, so if anyone is looking make an investment, and a couple of pennies in return. GET!


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