Musings on a Cuban Tuesday Morning

In the famous words of Nat Nakasa:

“My people are South Africans. Mine is the history of the Great Trek, Gandhi’s passive resistance in Johannesburg, the wars of Cetshwayo – all these are South African things, they are part of me”…

As I was discussing the funeral of Mme Mariah Dikeledi Mataboge, that was held in Serowe, Botswana. We were looking at the ‘wonderful’, and all around entertaining part of being a South African. They were sad musings. Sad, in a sense that young people don’t know the gravity of just how many people had to die for the freedom that we enjoy today. This is not a post about feeling guilty for the life we have. I just want to in my own small way say Thank You. Thank you so many many times to the many people who died so that I can be able to express my opinion. Thank you to the many people who died so that I may learn in any medium of instruction of my choosing. Thank you! Thank you!

I received a not so nice rude email from someone who wanted me to believe that the South Africa that I live in and love today is far worse than in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. This person wanted me to accept that South Africa would someday be like Zimbabwe. It is a battle that every patriotic South Africa (no matter the race) has to fight on a daily basis. We have more people outside the country who would be more than happy to see us fail. Why do we constantly have to please them so? NEVER did I think that I would EVER have to write something about Apartheid. I abhored that South Africans had to constantly use apartheid whenever they succeeded or failed, as a justification of otherwise. “Apartheid fatigue” I called it. But on this wonderful Tuesday, I am feeling good about being South African. I am.

In not so serious news: Apple iPhone has: The App that talks back…
A new iPhone app is supposed to make the answer to the question “How do I look?” a little easier for you to hear, because it will be coming from a complete stranger’s mouth. And all the boyfriends, and shop assistants say: “AMEN!”

“Ask a Stylist,” which was released today, doles out style tips in real time. Not sure whether that bright-red jacket is appropriate for work? Snap a photo of it, submit your question and a professional stylist tell you whether it’s a go or no.

A team of about eight stylists that are trained and certified by Glamour magazine will be on hand (hehe literally) for you to ask even a most nagging question about fashion and style. AND that is not even the best part yet. They are going to be available 24 hours a day. How about that?

Users snap photos of clothes, accessories or themselves, pick a stylist and submit a question under event categories such as “Girls’ Night” or “Wedding.” A stylist will reply with his or her opinion. Stylists have profiles (and, eventually, user ratings), so consumers can seek out stylists that fit their taste preference.

And in other not so bad financial news. Either the luxury brands are recovering or the rich people who were affected by the financial crisis are hitting the expensive bottles harder than ever. Why do I say this? Because luxury brand owner, LVMH, Yes they own Louis Vuitton, Moët, and Hennessy has seen, Jewellry, Champagne, and Clothing sales recouping nicely… Really nicely.
During Chinese New Year, Hennessy cognac sales went up and Christian Dior sales also went up.

“While these figures have been helped by easy comparables and re-stocking activity, the performance looks very impressive and of high quality, with final consumer demand picking up and Europe and the US also rebounding strongly, in addition to the continued good growth in Asia ex-Japan,”

Taking into account the uncertainty of the strength of the economic recovery, LVMH will continue to concentrate all of its efforts on the development of its formidable brands while maintaining strict cost management and selective investments,”

Shares in LVMH also went up by 2% on the Paris Stock Exchange so if anyone is looking to invest. Do it! (hahaha if you have the money) If anyone is looking to sell, then you should be allowed to play the markets. Hold on!
Source: Graeme Wearden,,

Apart from Slikour having a baby with Miss Mulligan (to all those who know my middle name, just know how much I resent having to type that), and everyone on JustCurious bitching about how Bonang wasn’t healthy… The usual stuff in Egoliwood, to all those who are already having a good day: “Right on!” and to those who have yet to catch a break. Que tenga un buen dia, and don let that get you down!


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