Copycat SA Designers.

You know how imitation is the best form of flattery and all that jazz? I was all curios and wanted see what our wonderfully locally brewed “original” designers were up to, so I looked at photographs from SA Fashion Week. You will never guess what I saw:
First I was like “yeah yeah. Marc Jacobs and Hermes cerca 2005. So what?” then… Upon close inspection, I remembered that the link I had clicked said something along the lines of: Amanda Laired Cherry. Enter our W.T.F moment of the day. What do you say? Do you sing: It’s small world afterall and view it as a teeny tiny co-inky-dink or do you concede (such as I do), South African designers wait for a trend to be two years or in our case, 5 YEARS old before they latch on to it and make it their own. Que tu opinas?
Amanda Laired Cherry SS10:

Marc by Marc Jacobs SS05:

Hermes SS06:

The main reason why I was so able to spot all this foolishness was because of the lovely fact that in 2005, Marc Jacobs, Hermes and Chloe were like the soundtracks to my life (if we have to use music). The designers (Marc) showed a revolutionary take on leggings and “layering”. Something which was attempted, but was not really done on a full scale. To even think that someone could get away with stealing from another prominent designer is almost even laughable. How can you, when there are people all around you, who are able to see the similarities. I know that fashion is something like painting. When you live in the global village, someone’s style is bound to rub off on you, but that does not mean that one should just completely steal. Not at all. If anything, it means showing an even more evolutionary, and revolutionary way of using one simple technique. Not giving us a complete reproductions with hopes that we will not remember. Because here’s the other fact about fashion: “Things always come back!”

This post makes me think about Karma. A designer that cannot exhibit the qualities of original thinking and innovation does not deserve to be called such. I love my fashion, and no one stands between me and pair of well made shoes. I will be keeping a very close eye on SA Fashion, and I promise that you will totally, dear reader, know when there is something fishy cooking in the kitchen.

As I love to always say: Que tenga un buen dia, and never let anyone accept what you have control on changing.


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