Real Marie Claire – True Beauty

Last night as I was winding down and watching Wendy Williams on BET (don’t judge me, I have insomnia), she happened to be talking about Britney Spear’s honesty in showing pics of her that were airbrushed and touched and those that were not done a thing to. Are celebs really trying to change/ redefine beauty, or is this yet another publicity ploy?
I did not come to this story because I was living under a rock. I am currently reading Marie Claire and Jessica Simpson (who does that really informative show on VH1 – but what’s its name again?) appears on the cover with no make-up and no retouching. Que ustedes piensan? I dunno… Like I dunno. There are more really interesting articles inside.

Please dont tell me about how late I am, because I am living in Cuba and one needs to waite for things to arrive here, if they are deemed harmless enough. I am not trying to be the most cutting edge person. Just the most well rounded. 😀


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