Wedges with sharp Edges

So… Your trully wanted to get inspiration for what to wear to an interview. Job or otherwise… And I happened to be perusing the isles of my neurons, and thought about SHOES! Namely, status shoes. Shoes that are currently enjoying so much free airplay it should be illegal. And they are: Wedges!!!

And… Might I add that upon seeing pictures from Lagerfeld’s photoshoot in St. Tropez, I would be a fool not to feature lace in any of my outfittings. So… Here’s to wedge, Lace and Blaze! I am feeling soo strong right now. Like what is that archaic word that Taira uses all the time? Fierce? Yes I am feeling fierce! (said in deep french accent) Karl..Karl..Karl..

And to offset all of that grunge? Some sickeningly sweet girly tones and bows… So cute!

Who said I couldn’t put a decent outfit together in record time? You should see me get dressed for class… I am a tornado!
Ai… Estoy un poco cansada. Tengo que trabajar mucho… Que tenga un buen dia, and I hope that I will see you back here again.


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