Wishing on an afternoon star…

So after complainging about how hard I am to get a hold of (now now… Dont make me dump on my location for a 10th time. I am trying to get over it), a friend of mine told me to get a (no not a phone, but specifically) a blackberry, because she wants to talk to me, CHEAP!. Said friend should know now that I haven’t had a cell phone in a little over 2 years now (ahuh, and I am still alive), and getting one is going to take a little longer, especially on what is called a: “student budget”. Said friend, patience is a virtue, now be virtuous and let a sista be po!

I recently found out that LiLo (that’s Lindsey Lohan) has gone broke, or is having a huge amount of debt that she cannot seem to pay for… eh, I have no idea where I was going with this, BUT well oh yeah. You know how she used to work for Ungaro? Well according to Fashionologie, they need a new designer, and well Lindz can kinda do that! She DID do those leggings, and… Yeah that’s pretty much it, so if they were willing to take her back, maybe they could make magic happen. Uh, I am just looking for a gig for her, you know?

So the giant FIFA World Cup maskot “Zakumi” has been blown up here at the embassy, and I swear I nearly peed my pants when I saw it. It was huge and yellow and full of spots everywhere… It just made everything more real for me. HOW I MISS HOME!! AND I am going to miss the whole world cup. That alone is not even the worst part. The worst part is that during the cup, I shall be writing my final exams… Can life be more unfair?
I am currently “enjoyin” my week off. I rebonded my hair today, and for the first time, the mutha-f**** resisted! This is the first time in 19 years that my hair has never gone straight. Now it looks like I had a bad time with the flat iron from hell… It is such a nightmare. My scalp is also not happy… What to do?!?!


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