Well not really. I have just decided to get my house in order, so to speak, and that means, really taking account of what is going on around here… For your benefit dear reader. I realise that it is going to still be a bit of a while before I hit 100 posts, but I want to do that with a cleam home. So roll call:
-Musings (under the Cuban sun [or depending on my location]) is all about my observation on Society, and Politics
-Sufficient Internationalist, my take on GLOBAL current affairs, and well the YOYO Economic systems of the world
-Fashint, I will observe the world-eful fashions created by AFRICAN (I am lacking in the social awareness department), Asian, and European designers… (Am I forgetting any other continent?)
Universe-all, my life as a student. Every now and then I have been hinting at how broke I am, and how I need to get a job. This is going ng to be an account on how well I am doing on the Academic and “financial”? side of life. In the unwise words, that I constantly see on some people’s Facebook statuses, “Gotta make money!” eurgh can I ever wash that filth from my mouth?

Yeah… That is basically just about it. I don’t want to change too much, because I think that things are fine just the way they are. Unless… Unless other things change. Well… STAY TUNED!


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