Mag-nificInt: May I? May Magazines….

In my previous post I forgot to mention another new category called “Mag-nificInt”, which will be detailing all the magz that I am currently reading, and enjoying mind you. Or the ones that I happen to stumble upon, and my humble opinion about them. HUMBLE!

So some will note that I am a good 8 DAYS behind most bloggers, as I proceed to gush about the latest in publication heaven, but stay with me…
Gwenyth Paltrow is on the cover of Bazaar, and I must say I kinda like what they ‘ave to say this month: “CURVES ARE BACK!” hell-o! Finally, I dont have to feel ashamed of my curvadas…ness! Truth be told, I think there will always be insecurity where me and “fat” are concerned, but at least the runways are starting to resemble the realway?? I digress…

I was just browsing the online world, when I came upon a magazine from the 80’s (yess. as in before I WAS BORN). It is called Etcetera, and it was supposed to be for people my age, all the way up to 21. hmmph. Then after its first year, they just stopped circulation. The picture above is of the very first issue, and it seems really really interesting. Inside there is a page that is all about Pasta. PASTA! I suppose that is a good thing for young people that have just moved out, and need to be able to cook for themsleves, other than that, PASTA? One has to admit that with a moto like: “For the 80’s girl” they would have predicted that people were far more interested in the oncoming nineties, than present day. We as humans love the future… Why invest in something for the now? (uhmm is anyone in publishing listening???)
There are more things to consider other than just “demographic” and “price” when creating mags. So many more!


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