FASHint: Military Jackets, and White Blazers

Lately I have been trying my hand at blazing it up… Ek was die duivel in, when I saw just how many people have been talking about the Military Jacket trend that has hit our 2010 runways in a huge way, but I want to talk about the lesser used one. The white blazer… ITS summer… Its hot, and the last thing that I would want to do in the cuban sun, is absorb all that heat and light unto me-self. I am not that selfish. Rather… I see myself in a white blazer (of which I am able to transition in the winter with.. HELLO, student budget). Although it is good and well to admire the like of Olivia Palermo working it out in the Military garb, just cuz I am practically living in North Korea, does not mean that yours trully likes to k, it would be dumb for me to even think of going out there and investing in a “trend” specially one that has been loitering since the heavy 2005s…
Image: Teen Vogue


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