SA-COUCH-PA-TAY-TOE: Multichoice and Top Tv

My Opinion on TopTV:
Well… Either I am gonna get sued, or given and award, but I saw the sort of channels that Top TV has to offer, and I dare say that I am not amazed. Really! Granted it is meant for people in the lower income stream, but the channels are awful for starters:
1)France24 is available FTA (trust me, I have been watching it like that for the past 3 years)
2) Fox News expresses republican views. Racist and hardly something that I would view as international, but that is just me…
3)GOD Tv is another channel that I have been able to watch FTA for the past 3 years, so why pay for it?
4)Hi Nolly? Seriously? Omg these people have a really low opinion of people in the lower income brackets. When I was broke, the very last thing that I did was binge on Nollywood movies, I think that it is a luxury that only the rich can afford. Think bang for the buck, and not a waste of air-space

The good news? Well… Not all is lost in my critique.. I think that their decision to include MSNBC and not that dumbed down bastard of a channel (CNBC Africa) is a stride in the right direction, and most of these channels are things that I have HERE on my South Florida Satellite TV. The inclusion of BET gives them my vote!!! Unfortunately I would have loved to see Centric also included in the package (joo see, its BET’s kid brother, and it has some really good programming.), atleast now Mah peoples can understand me when I talk about 106 & Park.
Top Tv? Just get rid of the republican stuff, and we have an agreement…

Now! As for them being potential competition for Multichoice… They have a huge growth potential, but I must say that for now, they are just bebes that needs ta stup tha trash talking… BUT they can grow, and grow they must if they want to survive in the TV market.


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