My MET opinion might not matter (a day after the incident), and I dare say that today I was going to solely lament on the sadness of the fact that I have yet to recieve a vacation, and I have to get “extra tutoring” or they believe that I will not be capable of graduation… Ven Otra Vez, Por Favor!!! I have been working my damned off, and I will be damned if I have to repeat… sooo My favourite MET gala dress? Hermoine Granger Emma Watson, showing some good work ethic (joo see, they sign checks for her every month) in Burberry… Only thing is, its like all the majour trends all in one white dress.
Dangerous, but she is young (and so am I for that matter), so we can pull it off..

Wat se julle? Piensas que estoy confudiando, o no? I love it!!!


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