Universe-all: Women that make money

I was reading the forbes list… As you can imagine, I am a little anal about my transfer back to South Africa. Which institutions I will let brand themselves on to my CV, which career I will devote the next odd years of my life to… I call this the cross roads. And in my fashionable quest, as I was reading Forbes, I came across their updated list of Top 10 fields that women (albeit in the USA) get payed the most amount of money in. And yes, my MBA is still ranked as the best career choice!
The other 15 I happened to find after some SERIOUS searching… Never has a young lady utilized Bing, the way that I have…. And hopefully never again! Information please.
25 – Education Administrators
24 – Advertising and Promotions Managers
23 – Architecture
22 – Engineering
21 – Phsycologists
20 – Managers (all forms)
19 – Negistered Nurses
18 – Occupational Therapist
17 – Physical Therapists
16 – Marketing and Sales Managers
15 – Post Secondary Teachers (Professors)
14 – Physical Scientists
13 – Medical and Health Services Managers
12 – Physician Assistants
11 – Computer Scientists and Systems Anaylists
10 – Mathematics
9 – Speech and Language Pathologist
8 – Human Resource Managers
7 – Computer Programmer
6 – Computer and information systems managers
5 – Physicians and Surgeons
4 – Management Analyst
3 – Lawyer
2 – Pharmacist
1 – CEO of any corporation


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