Musings: Job Well Done!

Police in me home land have (thankfully) sullied the plans of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement to plant and “off” bombs in black townships, in what people call the reaction to the fatal attack on Eugene Terre’ Blanche. ahuh… Right-o!
This goes to show you what a lil’ law enforcement, and some serious organization can do. Now why are there not that many people reporting on this? Or commenting for that matter? I don’t want to take a Julius Malema stance, but I would expect just as much outcry from this as there was when the ol’ E.T was bludgeoned. Where are the comments on the news websites? Why is no one game to say… Well bloody ‘ell, thank goodness they caught them are going to dispose of them?

I tell you what? I will be the one to say that I have no idea how this scum can still persist in a country that is having “race relations” fatigue… I want to move along, but my ignorant neighbours won’t let us get over our skin colour… And this is not to say that my neighbours are white, or black… your inference on “my neighbour’s” race is a reflection of your own level of intelligence. Don make it my problem.

To the police, and all men of “intelligence”, I salute you!


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