FASHINT:Anyong! Love Korea

I am always one to heed the call of “new talent”…. And according to my sources (which have not been consulted in a really long time), Korea is the new place to be when it comes to “unisex” designs. This is what is said of Soonjin Park’s Kai-aakmann:

Nothing too frilly, nothing too butch. Everything is clean and minimal, with some utilitarian elements thrown in for good measure.

Soo… I heeded the call and went to see Kai-aakmann me-self, en kyk net:

As you can pobrabry decipher… Estoy muy modesta. Not cuz of any religious beliefs, but I just dont like showing too much, and with the latest drapery trends, the material is rather barely there, than draping. And I absolutely adore the tunic.
But Eso es mi opinion, dime, what you thinking?

Head on over here: Kai-aakmann, and see for yourself what Korea has offer…. You shan’t be disappointed., if you’ve any taste!


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