Universe-all: Worst Paying Degrees

So as I am reading about how Harrods was bought, I checked my Facebook, and lo and behold The Huffington Post had published a list of the worst college degrees. I thought to myself: “What a coincidence, considering how I had just written about the best carreer moves of right now.” So then… I decided to bring it to you dear reader, and ask you: What do you think should also be added to the list of the worst College Degrees? Who do you know that slogged it out for a long time, only to find that they were “unemployable”????
1) Social Work
2)Elementary Education
3)Theology, Religious Studies (Is this contrare to the assertion that pastors have it made?)
5)Hospitality & Tourism
7)Food & Nutrition
9)Fine Arts
Now now… Before some of you even think about De-registering, I shall have you know that these stats are solely from the USA (although, what the hell would you be doing with Spanish in SA anyways?)…. So just chew, or sleep on it, but dont let these words cloud your judgement.. As for the Fine Arts students, they dont call you :”Starving Artists” for no reason. Suck it up!


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