Writing a Response to a Rejection Letter

Soo… Your’s trully dreams may suddenly be coming true…. THAT is if she stays focused and commited, but what happens when you give it your all, and nothing comes to you? I mean… The dreaded rejection letter? I got a couple 30 of those BTW, and I DID get depressed, but what happens when you get a few 100? Then this is what you do:
1)Maintain a professional Tone. You dont have to be a cold hard bitch about it, but you also cannot be like… “Sure whatever”. Remain professional even when it feels like they are stabbing you right in the heart. Tell them that you understand (even though, you sure as hell don’t) why they could not take you on [economic climate, the endevour of the company, and where you differ in values], and then… using this point be able to move on to point #2.
2)Mention your Interest in other things that they do. This will show that you really trully want to become a part of their family, and if in future they want to have you onboard, could they please keep your CV on record. That is all that you are requesting.
3)Respond in a formal way. Like I said before… Formal does not mean cold hard bitch, it means letting them also know that you are able to keep a level head, even when you are not getting what you want. So what is formal again? Letterheads, adresses… We learned all of this in any LANGUAGE class. Its an important part of communicating in print.

And as for the people at Media24, here’s a shout out for not making a lady chew all of her nails in anticipation. I look forward to hearing from you in 2011, too!


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