Giraffe Kills Woman Walking Dogs

Yeah… I got you thinking… where, when, and why… didn’t I? Well it turns out that this terrible thing happened in a Game Reserve in South Africa, but try as I might to want to talk about wild animals protecting their young and being agitated by humans, or any unforeseen circumstance, I have rather yet the feeling that I must must must talk about headlines. They just get crazier and crazier.. When I first opened the article, I thought that for sure someone had let wild animals lose onto the city streets, but then it turns out that it was in the Kruger National Park, and the dog had run off, and she was just trying to catch it, when unfortunately a Mama giraffe freaked out and kicked her in the neck. That’s all! Why do people the in UK (Yes that’s right make it still sound like we have wild animals just roaming the streets. Do you know that some children still go into a bit of a panic when they land at OR Tambo, because they are under the impression that Lions, and Elephants are going to be permitted to come near them once the plane lands. What on earth!?! Right? Right! Then why do seemingly intelligent people and print contribute to this foolishness?

I shall be keeping a close ear on you “imperialists” (sorry I have always wanted to use that word. In Cuba its pretty much thrown around losely)…


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