mbalir investigates: “what’s in Prague?”

Chuck Bass… His first and (hopefully not) last words. He got what he deserved for going all the way to a place that no one would think of? Nope. It got me thinking… First: What the hell is in Prague? And then second… If I could die anywhere in the world… Where would that be?

Para empezar: Five reasons that anyone reasonable would want to see Prague…
•Textiles and machinery are made and exported to many countries. Food, electronics and chemicals are produced. – Don’t start saying: “If I got a euro for the many times that I have heard that”… I know I know … It’s a terrible reason, but I need 5 so bear!
•Nearly half the people who work are women. It is a feminists dream palace come true!
• Since the late 1990s, Prague has become a popular filming location for international productions and Hollywood motion pictures.- Again. Hardly much of a selling point.
•There are museums dedicated to famous people including Smetana, Dvořák and Franz Kafka, and SMETANA! His Mah Vlast is still one of my favourite compositions…The Estates Theatre is one of Europe’s oldest theaters. It was built in the late 1700s and Mozart performed the first performance of his opera Don Giovanni there.
•Prague is itself an entire Word Heritage Site. Now take that Blue Mountain Australia!

Alright Mr. Bass… Good choice! Now if only Blaire and Serena had not chosen Paris. Speaking of which, as I travel, my viewpoint on life seems to change, and more and more I realize that I would rather be home than anywhere else… Where would I die? I am hoping to never have to think about the answer to that question. Immortality anyone?


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