Fifa Fresh… Dress to patrio-impress?

okay perhaps the rhyme sequence was ill thought out, BUT I must say that this post was enspired by just how patrio-perfect Miss Gerry Eldson looks (I still get the urge to call her Rantseli… Sue me!)

I could do this… I only wear green and yellow on fridays, because I think the shirts are a pretty bad investment. They look horrendous, and I personally don’t watch football *sighs. I just don’t do sports. But you know… Even from all the way here in the Carib’ I can feel the pot of patriotism just boiling over, as more and more people begin the Fifa Countdown. I am left here having to contend with a pissed off lil’ bro and sis who know now for sure that they are surely going to miss the entire spectacle (thanks completely to my exams). We will actually be going home the day AFTER the whole thing wraps up. Can you believe the dumb luck? They hate me now…

Image source: Just Curios


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