Moonlighting Fashion Intern

Lately I have just been thinking. Internship is in Johannesburg… School is in Johannesburg… Home is all the way in Pretoria. I have to look Fou-Chic twenty fo seven, and the only way that I can do this without lugging around an extra closet, is if I make sure to look shall we say “versatile”. No use having loads and loads of clothes when I never get to wear them. How about going to school in a lovely skirt, tights, and flats, and then throw on a pair of Booties and take of the modest blazer and “carry on”? hmmph… Thinking… just thinking.

I am trying my hardest to embrace the mute, sullen, and modest silhouettes (may I say hemlines) of the 2010-11 epoca! And its tuff titties! and so I have to embrace the Phillip Lim Wrap Skirt! It was featured in June edition of Elle Magazine, and that is actually where I fell in love with it, but I thought to me-self, what can I wear with it? Well… Now I have the answer. EVERYTHING! The drapery makes it one of the easiest things to transition with from day to night.
The white blazer is the ultimate in multi-faceted dressing. Amazing for the summmer (the science of light and heat deflection), and in the winter, when everyone is generic, grey muted and ethnic, you can stand the risk and be “the girl in the white blazer”. Lovely! AND well in school, the kids with white blazers were always more special!


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