North and South Korea: 2012, The Economist: Fear Edition

Economist: Fear Mongering
An explosion of desolation… That is what happens when there is a nuclear war.
I don’t know much military talk, heck I don’t know much talk – but! After reading the Economist, I got a really sick feeling in my stomach, that even the passing of Kim Jong-Il could mean death to us all…

After he passes on the batton to his son, there could be a flax breathing period in which people in North Korea, who are hard pressed by poverty, caused by the fumble of the finance department, when they changed the North Korean currency. This has meant that people in the North have not being able to feed themselves, and most of them get by without most things that people not just in the modern world, but on earth in general have come to take for granted. In the 90s 1 million people in total died just from malnutrition. This is a staggering 5% of the population!!! Can you imagine if those refugees made their way into South Korea, and China? Can you imagine the pressure that it will mean on the social systems of the rich South?

How about this scenario: Most people say “Well them why don’t North and South just unite, and make one happy Korea?”
Remember when East and West Germany re-united after the knocking down of the Berlin Wall? Well… It was economically treacherous to get one impoverished side to resemble the more prosperous side, but eventually somehow things were slightly levelled. The costs incurred were astouding,but.
Economists of today say that it could cost up to US $200 Billion for the South to be able to get the North on par, like that too… Much more than what it had cost Germany.
Scenario number two: Should their be civil unrest, this could mean something that freaks me out even more… In the great exodus of all the refugees, there is a fear that some unsavoury elements of society could get their hands on the Nuclear technology that North Korea is developing (they call these “Loose Nukes”), which could very much put us on the brink of fin del mundo.

Question: Since putting pressure on North Korea in exchange for Economic assistance has not helped, what can China do so as not to affect its economy in a negative light, but at the same time, ensure that South Korea’s safety is not jeapodized?

Now I come to my over-all conclusion: Why is my favourite publication using fear mongering as a way to bolster sales? People have just recovered from a recession, consumers, although weary, and still lugging around credit cards are aware that sitting on their money is not going to help their economies grow, so they are spending it. Why then must they be afraid that a second recession is looming in the wakes?


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