Elle vs Marie Claire: The Mag Wars Wage On

Back in the old days. Burger and Viljoen sharing a meeting
Aspasia Karass who worked at Elle and then at the times as the Features Editor will be taking over at Marie Claire, ya’ll. *starts twirling gum around index finger*, what do you think that is going to mean for the common man here?
According iFashion.co.za (they can never tell a lie – no seriously), there is an editor war going on between the two. It is also said that former ELLE fashion editor Sharon Becker is moving her couture to Associated Magazines gazeebo. Doesn’t that seem absolutely fetchingly funny. Well for the plebian that is.
so do you think that Chris Viljoen is pitted against Sharon, and Aspasia against Jackie Burger??

This is tickling my tummy in a huge way (considering the fact that if I must bitch about it, they said “no thanks” to my internship application).
Doesn’t this remind of Carinne Roitfeld and Anna Wintour? The only difference is that when one is under attack the other quickly rushes to their defense, regardless of how the feel about one another.

Rumour also has it that these guerras a debido a them running to see who can win over the masses. As nicely demonstrated by Harper’s Bazaar in their Jersey-Shore, and Curves edition. This featured a cameo by all the “girls of Jersey Shore” being taught the basics of etiquette by socialite-turned fashion designer Tinsley Mortimer… It was really stupid, but long, and hey sales of Bazaar went up that month, so IT WORKED!
And how about when Marie Claire (USA features someone young like Krisitin Stewart, or Taylor swift?), sales sky rocket. What is that saying?

In my opinion is pure rubbish, because these actions kick their loyal fans to the curb chasing cheap thrills (nice alliteration). The people who supported Elle and Marie Claire before the recession, during the recession and would probably have supported them to the grave are now being marginalized. What’s that about???

I think that magazines should think twice before trying to who themselves to other consumers, who wouldn’t want to pay more than R5.00 for a magazine anyways. Brand loyalty? How about customer loyalty for a change?


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