1. Like how often does one get to design a magazine cover? Well the kind people at One Small Seed seem to think that “generation “Y should i?” ” is good at that kinda thing, and THEY WANT YOU, to design their magazine cover.
  2. The amazing Tokyo based Inoue Brothers are working with SA’s very on Gazelle and coming up with the “dopest” Ubuntu t-shirts. Now I have complained and complained and complained about SA’s young’nz who feel that have a t-shirt brand makes them a designer, but one has to start somewhere right? I digress… These T-Shirt will also have you saying prophetic words and sounds like: “I am, because we are”.
  3. The good ‘ol Soweto Sundays. Churchbells ringing. Sunday lunch preparations creeping out the windows, to your neighbours’ homes, their preparations seeping into your nose, whilst you try to shake off that sleep,┬ámake your way to the bathroom getting ready for church, while the ladies of the house prepare the last salads.
  4. Urban streetstyle that will make your head spin a thousand times wondering if “that really is jozi”. I aint lying. SA People have style! *i am trying to force out the word “chana”, but its not coming out…

I have more.. BUT I should prolly get bac to my studies, seeing as I am actually writing this afternoon. Catch me on Friday when I have time, and am prepared to “go hard”. Nos vemos… chao!


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