Janelle Monae on the Monique Show

safashint janelle monae

Okay. This is turning into an obsession. How do I know? Because my mother called me last night just to let me know that Janelle Monae would be on the Monique show later on, on BET. I wondered to myself: “How in the hell did she know that I love Monae to a point of hysteria?”… That means that I should take my fanatism down a notch. But so what? I really like her, and I shall do whatever possible to ensure that her Art is seen by as many people as possible.
Why the tuxedo? What is that all about?

My mother was a Janitor and my step father is a mail man. I grew up in a working class home, and I just want to pay homage to all the people who wear uniforms. This tuxedo is my uniform. AND its economical! I want to show women that there are many ways to be sexy. Dresses are nice, stilettos are wonderful, but you can still wear a tux and look sexy.

See why I love her? Her answers do not begin with “My mother thought”, rather, she is a smart smart person, who reiterates that she did the damn thing without a record deal, and plans on keeping on keeping on. *stands up, do give a standing ovation.


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