Watch me watch that watch


No matter what the trends dictate, I shall have to quote Jay Zee and say that:

 I don’t want the bright watch, I want the right watch.

Where is this coming from? I hear you ask, well as I have said over and over and over again, I shall be graduating soon, and mummy dearest has told me that my graduation gift shall be a watch, laptop and a car. (note to self, should have used plural), and if that is not enough, only those who live in my house know how big this is, she has told me that I can look in the Peter Justesen catalogue for my faves, and choose one. THIS no less from an innocent conversation about the Chloe perfume that I have wanted for oh so long…

Okay, before I go too far, first I have to admit something that USED TO BE embarassing, but now I am really flippant about. Yon moi, cannot read analogue *pin drops. yup!

I cant read analogue, and I dont want to!!! Why waste all that time when I can have hours, minutes AND SECONDS on the dot, and different time zones too? mhmm Vindicated? I think so… BUT here is the part that drives me crazy. I cant read analogue, but I am not walking around town with a Baby-G. Not going to happen, I don even care, how much people are saying those things are going to be en-vogue. I am not discriminating. I just know me.

I mean, I know for sure that if it is some plastic pink thing, I am gonna lose it AND I might not appreciate it as much as, say… Cartier (*sigh, they dont have digital watches), Philippe Starck, Moschino, Marc Jacobs, SAS, (it doesn’t even need to be a ladies watch. macho is good)… Atleast the watch must have either leather or chrome straps. I am not wearing plastic or rubber… NO!

want pictures of my choices? Continue reading…

My choices?

The two SAS watches that you see in the first image. MADE YOU LOOK!! hehehe

Okay come back later, because I have just run out of time, and have to go. I will post a longer and better post tomorow.

Chao y hasta luego…


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