#2 FW 2010 Paris, Milan, New York, London

Fall Winter Utilitarian & Tailoring

I had to open up iDictionary to get a proper, you know, non-biased defintion of Utilitarian, because I was leaning along the lines of: “Just look at what Kim Jong Il, and Fidel Castro wear”… Yeah… I was thinking more like a politics student than a fashion one. Tough times… Oh anyhow! The dictionary says:

Utalitarian:   – non-pensive, uncomplicated, simple…

Remember the movie, “A  Mona Lisa Smile” ?. Just imagine that this is the post-war époque… Skinny Pants, Trench Coats, Fatigues (Like military dresses). Good times

For the girls that have to work, or just have job interviews (ay recessionary times), then you will be glad to find out that Tailoring was also another huge trend on the runways, as witnessed by the many many photog’s who were there, and give us these lovely images. I carry on…

For more runway pics (for real this time) click click

For the girly girly girl like such as muh-self, I have to say that the young’nz Mary-Kate and Ashlee Olsen never ever disappoint me, which their collections from The Row. I mean… They were featured in Bazaar for crying out loud!!

The Row FW 2010

Hermes Fall 2010

Hermes FW 2010

Overall notes that I jotteed down when I flick flicked through meh pages of Bazaar, and Elle? Amazing Tailoring by Celine, Jason Wu, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Emporio Armani, Valentino, Thakoon, Christian Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, Hermes.

Now I have to have my manners about me and just say that the Hermes and The Row pictures were gathered from Style.com


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