Retailer Loyalty…

Oh oh…. Guess who sent señor precio an email? Well… I wanted more from them, so I sent the email. What was I supposed to do, sit around and hope that someday they will get the idea on their own?

Here is a copy of the wonderful email (mind you, its a pretty large pic)

Email to Amber Jones

Man! I love meh-self. As custies we are supposed to help our fave stores grow, and if they understand where you are coming from, and don’t think you’re full of it, they may just listen to you.

Hey, but what if they take the email the wrong way and tell me to go kick rocks? I shouldn’t think that way, because I sent it, I sent it. If they say mean things to me, I’m-ma put it on blast right here!


2 thoughts on “Retailer Loyalty…

  1. girl – you are too hot.i love monsieur price – (mr P).they are on the cutting edge of the
    latest trends and so way ahead with the international.Your email rocked and i am glad you sent that to them.BTW Amber jones has a blog thunder in our hearts and you can find her email details there.Dont you think her latest collection hit all the right notes.i am so glad to have come across your blog.i will be following.good on you gal
    keep up the fabulous work.

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