She follows me wherever I may go…

Again, more Monae…

Ashamedly I admit (this is seriously on the random side, so humour me), I had NOOO idea that there even was a Vogue Africa, ehh *smiles and makes a peace sign* there still isn’t one, but what if there was? Well…TODAY (yes this wonderful Cuban Sunday Evening), I signed up to subscribe to it, well the facebook of a cameroonian photographer (Mario Epanya) who made some of the best looking pictures of what an African Vogue might look like (TO HIM).

This gets me to my next point, is it fair for all the many countries on the CONTINENT to have to share one measely Vogue? I mean: ARE WE STILL considered a country and not a continent, and then why the hell did it take so damn long for them to even consider the possibilities? There’s a Vogue Brazil, Vogue Russia, Vogue China (and maybe even Mexico), what have they been waiting for???
Mario says:

the time has come for Africans to come together and work for a better future. I think today’s women would like to re-appropriate their image. Beauty is diverse and we aspire to have more of a diversity of choice. I say, why not?



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