Budgetry in 2D – Spring

So “Spring has sprung” at the Mr Price Website, and I have to say that when I saw their “Trend Flash” I was thinking: Oh here we go again, BUT I was so pleasantly surprized that I even went so far as to look at their Male collection too! Looks like someone is upping the ante an itsie!

Mr Price Trend Flash

And as for the email that I sent? Within 24 hours I was privvy to new clothes that they have added to their collection, and guess what? Mr Price adds new clothing to their stores EVERYDAY, it is just not possible for them to have an online store, because it means re-building at the end of everything 3 months. I say: Still Why the heck not!? If it makes you better than your competitors then you should consider it. But that is just inconsiderate, hard to please, Moi!


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