Another day in Paradise (read: South Africa)

Crochet Laceups Lucky Pony

See the Lucky Pony’s blog yourelf… There is more to SA than Football it appears.


2 thoughts on “Another day in Paradise (read: South Africa)

  1. well… i saw these shoes on a blog, and then I posted about them… BUT when I came back home I managed to see these shoes when I went prowling in Centurion. Mainly The Mall @ Reds in Raslouw… If it’s there, then my guess is that it will pretty much be everywhere. My faves: When I am getting in touch with me-roots I go to Senior Precio at Maponya Mall. Then you can also go to Centurion Mall, or Menlyn… (I am a bit of a Pretorian), trying to think of the ones that I frequent is all.
    Also you can ask the very helpful staff, or ask on their facebook page, or blog. They tend to reply super duper fast.

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