Auntie says, “Ao shem Christ Brown bathong”

2010 BET Awards

Got to see me some Eva Pigford on the Red Carpet in some serious heel-age and giving some talk to Nick Cannon, Diddy getting his sweat on.., and then off to dinner I went. I was eating sunday dinner ya’ll (and you all should know how a South African sunday Dinner/ Lunch goes)… Fifty courses!! later I was watching the BET Awards. I only got to watch the last hour… Sigh. Caught Jermaine Jackson talking about someone that never got a chance to say Goodbye to his brother, I am thinking: Now who on earth good that be, then my eyes widened in horror…

Before the performance I was like: “Mhmm… I will not be black male’d! We shall just see what this is about..” (ooh Kudos to the Lighting techno stage backstage lighting whatever they are called… Production People! – Steven Hill, The LED light things on the outfits of the male dancers were jefe! I have never been soo entertained in a mighty long time)

In the middle of the performance, my thinking went somewhere along the lines of: “huh? what exactly are my feet doing? Is that tapping? oHH This urge to nod my head rhythmically… i am confused”, and like all things go, by the end, I was completely touched. He sang, or rather mimed Man in the Mirror, whilst most people in the audience tried to help him out. I am thinking that he really really meant everything that he said, or he wouldn’t have reacted in the way that he did. Or was it just emotional blackmail? None-the-less…

By the end of his performance dedicated and paying homage to Michael Jackson, Chris Brown had me saying: “Ao shem” like the rest of them. Hopefully he can use last night as his fuel to keep him going. I mean, the only station that is playing “Douces” his latest video, is afterall BET, so maybe from last night onwards the “Embargo on Chris” will end.

Sea como sea, I do believe in second chances, so he has at least one customer.

Just a shout out: Janelle Monae killed in her salute to Prince, she sang: Princess Let’s go crazy. Prince was being honoured for the Lifetime Achievement Award. Espiranza Spalding too gave a soulful (or swaggerful? that’s honestly a word now) performance, I find it hard to remember many other people’s names (oh yeah, Alicia Keys and Patty Labelle), but I guess people got the gist of what Prince was all about…Soul (hot damn!), he said that: “No one has to do what he did when he was young” and that: “Times have changed”…. I wonder what the was all about.

I have to disagree about America being a “Beacon” though, the baton has moved to other places now… Primarily Japan, when it comes to Hip Hop culture, bueno! yo pienso asi *esconderme*, es mi opinion…

Synthesis: That was some serious soul right there…

Staying on the topic of BET, I want to comment on something that (I will have to credit insomnia) was hosted by Nicki Minaj called Rip off The Runway, or Runway Rip Off (something like that)… It was really really good. I enjoyed watching it and seeing curvy girls and the models that they outsourced from the subway. What was not a good look: Nicki’s pseudo (read: really dreadful wannabe) London accent at the end of the show. I love her though. Always game for taking risks… And comes out with something out of the ordinary.

Image Credits:  Getty Images – Frederick M Brown, ABC Australia, Zimbio Pictures


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