10 Things I learned this weekend


Habana Libre

This image really does mirror VERY WELL the stormy weekend that I was subject to. And for that… I am grateful!
10 – Fasting and prayer are neccesary to keep mbalir alive or atleast allay insomnia
09 – Insomnia is a problem only solved through deep internal thought
08 – Graduating cannot, and must not change my ambitions
07 – A missed opportunity is still an opportunity
06 – Shabby Chic dreams need to be explored. Moving out never looked so good
05 – One phone call from a friend can do what a thousand valiums cannot… give you peace of mind
04 – Christian comedy (on TV1) IS trully hilarious
03 – Countdowns add to my anxiety
02 – Still have my red picket fence dreams…
01- Family is still nature’s gift that should be honoured

image credit: kvetchlandia


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