Africa Fashion Week: Mataano

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MAN I LOVE THIS DUO! and those who have accused me of having “self-hate” must be chewing off their right arms!

Before I could gafaw any longer, I needed to find out more on who or what (?) comprises of Mataano, is it one extremely gifted person, or a group of amazingly clever young (South African?) designers. The results where astounding…

According to Farai Today,

Idyl & Ayaan Mohamill, twin sisters from Somalia but based in New York City make up the design team behind MATAANO.

mhmmm… Well I don’t care if they even came from Mars. When I see good fashion, I got cuckoo, and they have good fashion!

They were able to hit the trends right on the nail: The crochet, Lace, Little White Dress, Lingerie as Outerwear, Use of sheer, leather jackets. ALL OF IT IS AMAZING! I love it


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