Item SaFashint Likes:

Stella McCartney. The same can be acquired from trusty old Mr Price. Ah yes… Mr Price! Wonder what it will take for Truworths and Foschini to take a hint.
I Facebook fanned them (Truworths), and now I feel a little bit embarrassed, like: “What if my judgmental friends see when I try to give them (Truworths buyers) advice on trends and what to buy, how much to charge people for it (this is a seriously big one), and are like “you shop there?” then what will I say to deflect their disapproval??”.

Stella McCartney Military Jacket

I mean, have you seen the clothes that are on offer there? Grr! I was actually wondering if I should have taken the plunge and mentioned that (my utter abhorrence of their stock), but seriously, I would never censor myself. That’s just not going to happen.
My advice to Foschini and Truworths? Go to MANGO and ZARA and read magazines too! What the hell are your buyers doing? Have you not been checking your memos for the last financial quarter? And speaking of three months (seasons), since 2007, sweaters and cardigans that come with bows are done! Done, you hear?!. It’s no wonder Mr Price keeps kicking your ass financially! You’re driving me stark raving. Stark Raving!!! *pulls out strands of hair* *wails*


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