What would be the best camera for a budding recreational photographeress to purchase? Nothing big, black and bulky hopefully (and even if, can it look a little feminine? or at least be travel friendly), nothing worse than a giant camera that screams: “Tourist!” Not a good look, but on the safety side, those cameras usually attract the whole type of folk… so what to buy, what to buy??
*Edit: I went to Digital Camera Tracker, and I just want to add that I am still very much lost. I don’t know what would be the best for me as yet, but I am happy to report that I am getting back on the digi-daze mobile all over again. The last time that I officially blogged about gadgets was in 2008. I was young, and well… had time to mull over such small things. Now I rather spend my time budgeting my bed time. Sad isn’t it?
Nikon Coolpix S100pj
The Nikon s1000 has a freakin projector!, oh and 12.1 MP. BUT A PROJECTOR You can’t get any better than that, but then at the same time, it’s like… I have got down the path of “latest technology” and I didn’y like where it landed me. Let’s just say: I’ll waite till they perfect the art first. MEANWHILE I guess I am off to the repair shop to fix my Nikon Coolpix (from 2006)…

Nikon Coolpix S3

Nowadays, this camera just taunts me, because it’s only 7MP AND doesn’t have any of the cool features that the latest offerings have i.e it only has 6X zoom… How depressing is that?


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