Safashint Model: Jacquelyn Jablonski

Well… Everyone loves profiling models! and after reading mag after mag, namely my faves: ‘ Bazaar and Elle – (the people at Hearst sure love women, or rather… They are pro truth aka “women should run the world, or at least publications”) I realized that more and more I liked Jacquelyn’s swag. I mean… She’s no Monae or VV Brown, but after seeing her profile during Paris FashWee I think that she hath paid her dues.  And she is only 18…. Man I feel OLD!!!
Jacquelyn Jablonski

Hello!!! Her “average” working day in Paris started at 9:00 am (excluding prune and prep) and ended at 10pm (with a dress fitting). Totally and truly gruelling indeed. The following was going on in my head, as I perused over her schedule, indifference quickly turning into awe: “Still think that it’s easy to be a model?” I wanted to say… “uh…” but I just nodded silently and concluded that it would just not be any NORMAL person’s cup of tea.

I like the fact that her understated sartorial style is approved too by the good people at WWD. Nuff said! I need to get my photog’ on, enjy the following photos…

*Edit: I also didn’t know that she was shot for German Vogue (July 2010), oh man I love it when my fave things are approved by other people. Keep reading for the images

Left to Right: Vogue Germany and Harper’s Bazaar wearing an absolutely beautiful Michael Kors (I didn’t believe that he could make something so gorgeous either) fur skirt.


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