The Accesories that transition 2010

Well according to many people whose opinion matters to me, Bib necklaces are “So over..” I know. Just when the rest of the planet was able to afford them, they are considered passé. But that’s fashion ladies and gentlemen. And with that,I usher in the accessories (or lack of, thereof) that were the most frequent on the runways in Fall Winter (yess… autumn winter *rolls eyes*, what’s in a rose?). I get the feeling that we are doing something along the lines of the post war, post Great Depression époque. Perhaps someone wants us to consider whether extravagance really IS that important to live La Buena Vida? They are organized from cheap, cheaper, cheapest (top to bottom)

Accessories made on Polyvore…

Winter Accesories

  1. Brown Leather Belts, Skinny belts a la Prada, skinny brown leather belts
  2. Kitten heels or Petite Pumps by Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs
  3. Fendi, Balenciaga, Calvin Klein Platforms still loitering, still breaking ankles…
  4. Christian Dior Lace and Nina Ricci Suede pumps…
  5. Proenza Schoeler + Fendi Clutches
  6. Celine Strappy bags. It seems that everything with a long versatile strap is en vogue, so if you are a frugal utilitarian, go and get one. The best: Constance Hermes bag [introduced in the late 60s, and said to be inspired by Jackie O], Ralph Lauren, Chloe, Gucci, Tila March, Club Monaco, Chanel Bag with leather strap detail,

There’s still 9 more to go

Winter Accessories

  1. Proenza Schouler Slouchy Messenger Bag
  2. Tote Bags: Alexander Wang, Derek Lam
  3. Structured Clutches: Celine
  4. Straw Bags: Balenciaga, Personally I have never been a fan of these… But hey, some people like the resort look, and to that: “Kudos!”
  5. Booties
  6. Duck Boots: these are hilariously cute and people went completely psycho on them when they were created by Tommy Hilfiger. Apparently upon seeing them, everyone was enamored and began doing a silent rain dance *ahem* in their heads I meant to say.
  7. Ankle Boots (had a pair, from my gothic faze, they got lost when I moved house)
  8. Loafers I have four paires of these (remember who the hobo on this corner is, then judge me)
  9. Pointy flats as was demonstrated by Christian Louboutin

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