The end of Fall/Autumn Winter 2010

Overall, I have to say *gives a standing ovation* Louis Vuitton = Some really good pumps that remind me of my maroon Nine West *square toed mary jane platforms LOVE LOVE LOVE (by the way, this has nothing to do with the fact that I have curves. The Vuitton show was really and truly amazing)…

Giant leather skirts, leather gloves, TURTLE NECKS and crocheted tops, if winter comes in the Carib’, I shall be ready for it! Before anyone even thinks of insinuating anything… There is no Balmain Snub. I dare say they made really regal wide legged pants and had the structured silhouette down, not to mention their Red and Gold tapestry that made me sing “purple rain” (totally was like the Prince to Balmain’s Michael Jackson, if you catch my drift). British Burberry was the leader in Shearling Trim. Those jackets of theirs were splendid. Made me sing “sheep, sheep. bah bah”. Okay, maybe I made the song up, but it’s a really good composition. Perhaps I should buckle down, open Garage Band, and compose a club hit.

Key words for FW10-11: Utilitarianism, Minimalism, Knits, Shearling, Camel and Grey, Luxury and Curves, so OVER? 80s Silhoette. It’s time to get neat and clean, and lean a little along the 90s tendencies! Oh thank you god of Fashion, we are finally going to pay homage to my era. Yay to the nth (or rather 90th) degree!

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